English Profile

English Profile

The word Undas (waves in Sardinian language) is born and works in Sardinia, the island in centre of mediterranean sea. A team of designers, programmers, photographers, video-makers , different professionits,  joinig news challenges and projects. Our mission is clear and precise. Place side by side your company in order to find the right solution in comunication, giving more value and potential to your products and services. Undas is always looking for new languages and new comunication forms in creative and smart way.

” Apparently nothing is easier than to communicate . We all communicate. Just a sign to understand whether it is “yes” or “no” . We are born immersed in communication. The meaning of a word in our language is clear and evident . But we are so into our communicative acts that we do not ask to ourselves how the communication machine works. We give a meaning to a phrase or a gesture and we are sure that the other will understand . We might imagine that the meanings are as stones of various sizes choosen depending on the parts of the house we want to build . ( … ) “

Undas is a team of professionits in communication , we offer various form of services. Starting from planning of your communication and image to the press service , digital or typographic (OffSet) in high quality. From Web marketing strategies to the planning of different web platforms, apps for mobile , e-commerce dinamic web sites, social marketing management. From project on printed paper to the professional audio-video products in order to develope with innovatiove ideas and giving more power and a new shape to your advertising campaigns. A good communication is the first step to promote properly your company.

We plan carefully your company from brand creation to the web layout and also on physical supports. Every idea is studied in order to be attractive and functional to your company communication. From project to the event, from paper to multimedia.

We design official Web site, portals , e-commerce platfoms. We offer the proper and effective solution for your online communication.Undas realize also audio and video productions, spot, live streaming, music videos.

Undas studio offer also an on demand press service.Our providers are choosen among the best in Europe. From digital press to typographic in every size, format, material and quantity. From little company comunication to massive press campaign.


Undas plan your company communication in a smart way developing plans and campaigns, managing your different social media platforms. We develope the best strategy to promote your company, your products and events. With a good promotion adn communication even your annual budget will be optimized

Undas has a precise Ethic code essential to appear properly to our client, respecting him , the enviroment and job rights. Our priority is the clearness with our collaborators and clients in order to give the best service to the companies.Undas repudiates every form of racism, misogyny and violence and will never use any vulgarity in Its campaign. Undas repudiates also the sexist strumental use of the women in any communication and advertising form.

Undas also respects the enviroment and always proposes guaranteed and certified  materials with the lower energetic impact.

Undas is born and operates in Sardinia. We beleive in lunguages minority and in our identity. The identity is a wealth as the diversity. Undas speaks Sardinian, a language not a dialect. The Sardinian language is recognized as a proper language in ISO 639 with sc codes (ISO 639-1:Alpha-2 code) e srd (ISO 639-2: Alpha-3 code). I codici previsti per la normaISO 639 are the same used in SIL for Ethnologue project.

Some frequently asked questions that will help you to understand better the Undas project and our services.
  • Where Undas is located ?  
  • Undas is based in Sardinia and operates trough a network maded by different professionists in visual communication
  • Do you develop websites ? 
  • Yes , Undas designs dinamic websites ,agency websites , complex web portals , every project is developed following our client needs.
  • Is UNDAS a typography ? 
  • No , Undas is not a typography. Undas is a graphic studio that gives also a press service using the best providers.
  • Can I request a quote ? 
  • Yes you can request a quote using our contact us section.
  • How is the cost for a website ? 
  • A website doesn’t have definite cost , It depends on the clients needs. A minimum standard website has a cost of € 165,00. You can see our special offers in the home page.
  • Does Undas develops mobile apps ? 
  • Yes, our team develops multi platform apps, android, OSX, windows. Don’t esitate to contat us for more information.

You can contact us using our contact form for information and free consultancy, we will reply as soon as possible.